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AI-Driven Solutions for Law Enforcement and Defence.

VRFY introduces a revolutionary and transformative AI-driven

solution designed to optimize operational efficiency in the law enforcement and defence sectors. By automating the transcription and analysis of captured communications, the platform adeptly converts data into actionable intelligence, enhancing national security and refining investigative processes.




Our Services

Our Services

At VRFY, we offer an array of AI-driven services designed to enhance operational efficiency in law enforcement and defence. Our offerings include transcription, real-time communication analysis, predictive intelligence, and advanced data management, all crafted to meet the strategic needs of our clients. Explore our specialized services to elevate your organization's technological capabilities.

General Duty Frontline Policing

Leverage AI to not only transcribe bodycam footage but also to generate concise summaries that highlight key observations and actions. This enables a rapid assessment of incidents, aiding in swift report generation and decision-making.

Wiretap Intelligence

Simplify the complexity inherent in criminal and national security-related wiretaps by using AI to deliver not only detailed transcriptions but also strategic summaries. These summaries can encapsulate key intelligence, aiding in the prioritization of investigative leads and allocation of resources.


Transform interview audio into both detailed transcriptions and executive summaries, capturing the crux of conversations with complainants, victims, and suspects. Summaries can be invaluable in identifying critical case elements, streamlining the investigation process.

Correctional Institutions

In corrections, VRFY leverages AI to fill a critical security void, turning routine call recordings into actionable intelligence. Our automated transcription and analysis cut through the noise, turning every communication into an opportunity for proactive threat detection and enhanced security, fostering a more vigilant and secure correctional environment.

Dispatch Communication

Employ AI to interpret police dispatch radio transmissions, providing real-time textual analysis and succinct summaries. This dual output can quickly convey urgent information, ensuring immediate understanding of unfolding situations for faster, more informed responses.

Signals Intelligence

VRFY advances defence intelligence with its AI-driven SIGINT platform, offering precise analysis and actionable insights from communications data. This empowers defense agencies with predictive capabilities and secure data sharing for informed, agile decision-making in national and global security.

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