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Our partnership with Assembly AI marks a pivotal step in our journey to redefine transcription services in the law enforcement and defense sectors. Assembly AI brings to the table cutting-edge voice recognition and AI technology that enhances our ability to convert complex audio into accurate, actionable text. This collaboration is not just about integrating technology; it’s about forging a path to smarter data utilization, where every spoken word can be transformed into meaningful insights. Together, VRFY and Assembly AI are setting new benchmarks for precision, efficiency, and reliability, ensuring that our clients have the best tools at their disposal to fulfill their vital roles with greater support and clarity.

Harnessing Advanced Speech AI with VRFY & AssemblyAI

Through our collaboration with AssemblyAI, VRFY integrates unparalleled Speech AI capabilities, transforming speech-to-text, speaker diarization, and speech summarization to meet the critical needs of the law enforcement and defense sectors.


Through our strategic partnership with AssemblyAI, VRFY has integrated the market's leading Speech AI technology, enhancing our speech-to-text capabilities, speaker diarization, and advanced summarization features. This collaboration has been instrumental in developing a transcription platform that not only sets the standard for accuracy but also adapts to the unique demands of law enforcement and defense communications.

Audio Intelligence

Empower your mission with VRFY. Leveraging our partnership with AssemblyAI, we unlock the critical information hidden in your audio communications. Our AI-driven platform is designed to efficiently summarize content, detect sensitive material, recognize key topics, and much more, tailored specifically for the law enforcement and defense sectors.


VRFY revolutionizes the management of voice data for law enforcement and defense. With just a single API call, our platform, powered by our partnership with AssemblyAI, offers the capability to summarize briefings, extract critical insights, highlight actionable items, and more, across extensive audio records.

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