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Mike Willford

Chief Operations Officer

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My Story

Mike Willford, VRFY's Chief Operations Officer, is a retired law enforcement professional with three decades of experience, specializing in leadership, crisis negotiation, and complex operations. Commended for his crisis negotiation skills in high-stakes scenarios, including hostage situations, Mike's expertise significantly contributes to strategic decision-making at VRFY.


In his multifaceted law enforcement career, Mike has not only demonstrated exceptional leadership in managing diverse teams and overseeing intricate policing operations but has also brought his expertise to the field of corrections. With a deep understanding of correctional systems, he effectively spearheaded initiatives to enhance inmate communication monitoring, contributing to the safety and security of correctional facilities. 

Pursuing a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology, Mike is dedicated to addressing the mental health challenges faced by first responders and military veterans. His adjunct instructor role further showcases his commitment to crisis de-escalation and mental health advocacy.


At VRFY, Mike integrates his operational leadership, crisis management skills, and mental health expertise, playing a pivotal role in enhancing the company’s operational strategies in law enforcement and defense. His blend of field experience and commitment to responder well-being positions him as a key asset in VRFY's mission to revolutionize safety and efficiency.

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