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Kevin Mead

Senior Defence Strategy Advisor

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My Story

As VRFY's Senior Defence Strategy Advisor, Kevin brings an impressive blend of military leadership and private sector executive management to the forefront. His 23-year tenure with the Canadian Army, marked by senior roles in surveillance, reconnaissance, and international coalition operations, underpins his exceptional leadership and strategic planning abilities. Kevin's pivotal role in significant events, such as the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and missions across Bosnia-Hercegovina, Macedonia, and Afghanistan, demonstrates his adeptness in commanding operations and collaborating with varied military and political entities.


Kevin's educational background, with a B.Sc. in Biochemistry and a Master's Certificate in Project Management, facilitated a seamless transition to influential roles in the civilian sector. In the BC Ministry of Labour, he showcased his regulatory acumen as an Industrial Relations Officer, followed by a tenure as VP Operations in a security and defense manufacturing firm, where he honed his skills in managing high-risk, complex projects. His leadership was further exemplified in his role as Director of Bylaws for the City of Kelowna, where he successfully navigated the intricacies of municipal governance and operational execution.


In his current role at VRFY, Kevin leverages his diverse experience to drive operational excellence. His proven track record in leading large-scale, multidisciplinary teams and managing high-stakes operations provides invaluable insight into enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness in both law enforcement and defense sectors. Kevin's strategic vision, combined with his robust leadership in both military and corporate environments, positions him as a key architect in VRFY's journey to redefine the landscape of security and operational strategy.

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