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Darcy Dando

Chief Financial Officer

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My Story

As the Chief Financial Officer at VRFY, Darcy is an executive finance professional with a distinguished career that spans over thirty years. He brings to the table a wealth of experience garnered across the investment and private banking divisions of some of the world’s most prestigious financial institutions. His professional journey has seen him forge a path through major global financial hubs, having been stationed in Toronto, New York, London, and Dubai. Darcy’s expertise is deeply rooted in his ability to provide nuanced investment advice and to develop sophisticated wealth management solutions. His clientele, spread across the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, have benefitted from his finely-tuned skill set and his adept understanding of diverse financial landscapes.


At VRFY, Darcy is pivotal in developing and executing comprehensive financial strategies. His role encompasses a broad spectrum of responsibilities, from meticulous financial planning and budgeting to insightful reporting and resource allocation. His strategic input is critical in decision-making processes that shape the company's financial trajectory. With an exceptional command over capital structures, financial modeling, and company valuations, Darcy's contributions are integral to maintaining and fortifying VRFY’s financial health and sustainability.


Darcy is an alumnus of the University of Alberta, where he earned his Bachelor of Commerce degree. His commitment to continuous professional growth is evident in his pursuit of excellence, having achieved the highly regarded Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Financial Modelling & Valuations Analyst (FMVA) certifications. These designations stand as a testament to his expertise and his dedication to staying at the forefront of financial analysis and strategic investment.

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